Saturday, 4 September 2010

State of the art bathroom design

Today ShopCurious goes back to basics in high-tech style, with a look at some curiously quirky bathroom features. We consider the advantages of Toto's Italian designed Japanese style 'bidet toilet' (aka the washlet), and in Curious Trends we reveal some intriguingly unique public conveniences. So, which do you prefer, the all singing and dancing modern version, the unusually arty farty, or the good old fashioned wooden loo seat?

Do you?

PS For further reading, Gaw at The Dabbler is an expert on Duchamp and other curiosities of artisanal interest.


Fé... said...

Old fashioned of course. The classics endures time :) Have a sweet weekend.

Jan said...

Strange video (curiousity got the better of me as usual)
The guys 'bits' may be clean, but the toilet itself could've used some bleach I thought.